Monday, January 26, 2009

The Piano Player and the Solar System

The other day, I am working on some house work, and the boys are in the family room playing. After a while it starts to get quiet, so I go to check on them and find only Sheepie out playing. This leaves me to wonder what exactly has happened to FP. Eventually, I find him standing on the ledge of his bathtub, using bath crayons to colour this.
I was so impressed, that I couldn't even bring myself to scold him for not asking to us the special crayons. As you can see everything is very detailed and well drawn. I particularly have to laugh at the planet, 'Urcular'. At first I couldn't figure out what he meant by it... but after some thinking I realised that when he hears us talking about crescent and circular shaped moons, he is hearing the world, 'urcular.' He just thought we were talking about another planet. So I give you the 10th planet in the solar system.

And here is just a really cute picture of Boy, since he's kind of been MIA lately. He's just being his cute usual self. Here, he and Hubby were taking a minute to play around on the Piano and I caught him sitting there all by himself.
He has also discovered this last that he can pull himself up all by himself. It's terribly cute...Now he just needs to learn he can sit back down again, after the fact.


Nick the Geek said...

at first I thought that was just the wall in some room. My kids, we have 4 from 6mo to 5 years, have a bad habit of doing that. We keep the crayons under lock and key and they still find someway to smuggle a couple during color time so they can draw on all kinds of other things they aren't suppose to.

Anyways, I came by because I thought for a moment you were someone else I know, also called Kate the Great. She just got married this summer and has no kids as of yet so I'm guessing not her.

Enjoy your budding science artist.

Morgan said...

Those are some of the most adorable pics you have ever posted! And FP is such a great artist!