Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Blog!

It seems rather a shame that today, being your 1st Birthday, Mr. Blog, has been such a 'slow cooker' kind of day. Nevertheless, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! One year ago my husband had just left for India for 8 weeks, and I discovered that through blogging I was able to keep my sanity amidst three small children, all wondering 'when the heck Daddy was coming back'.

One year ago, Mr. C was boarding a plane to India, and today I give you: "Three little boys boarding a plane for Chicago."

How'd you like to pay the luggage fees for all that stuff?

The boys were pretending to fly to Chicago to take a holiday. Thank goodness, around my house the sofa can double as a 747 most days of the week!
Here's hoping for another wonderfully exciting and beautiful year!

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