Thursday, August 6, 2009

When he speaks, he says it all...

Hearing his words reminds me of how special it is to be a daughter of God...

As it is getting closer to time for me to deliver my baby, I find myself hearing these words and reflecting on the tremendous power and potential that we have as women... certainly it is not just limited to our ability to bear and rear up children, but to be leaders, teachers, friends, sisters, daughters, and any thing that we put our unending potential to. Yet, something so basic as giving birth to a child, for me is humbling. It is humbling to think that it was to us (not men) that this essential task was given. It was to us that the blessings and trials of creating life were entrusted, and to think that any person could view woman as lesser beings, given this essential fact of life is beyond me.

I am so grateful to have a personal knowledge of my worth and equality in this world, through the gospel of my church. I think that many people feel, because we believe that there is a difference between men and women, that we do not see ourselves as equals. This is the furthest reality from the truth. I feel that having been a member of this church now for the last eight years, I have come to have a better strength of purpose and importance as a woman than I would have ever had without the support and instruction I receive within it. I am blessed to have so many examples of strong women around me, in the gospel; women who not only are strong mothers and wives, but leaders in our communities, businesses, and even with in the church. It is because of the examples of these women, and through the up lifting teachings and admonitions of our church, that I know that I am of great and infinite worth, because I am a woman.

I am so grateful for the insights of sweet President Hinckley during this time of reflection... oh how I love him and miss his gentle, guiding voice.

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