Friday, October 9, 2009

My April Snow GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

My April Snow GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here's another amazing give away for all you classically beautiful fashion lovers.

And as a side note... since I'm hoping she's reading this, now that we've reconnected. Many of my friends and readers have commented on how they think its interesting and fun that I tend to wear skirts and dresses- along with things like high heels and bright red lipstick-- all the time. Well, I'll let you in on a little secret, then, friends and readers. My love of beautifully feminine and classic clothing came from a woman named Betty Rainwater. Betty has had a very special place in my heart for many years,and when I was a young teenager, one of her passions influenced me forever. Vintage hats.

When I was just gaining a budding sense of fashion, Betty shared with me her great love of antique and vintage hats--truly things of a by gone world. One day when I was out, I wanted to find Betty a vintage hat as a present (sadly in this I failed, since as a preteen I was poor, and had no idea how much they often cost). However, upon entering the vintage clothing store, my world was rocked by the beautiful and feminine clothes of eras past. Never again were my fashion sensibilities the same. In the beautifully tailored fabrics, I realised how a woman was supposed to dress. Beautifully, modestly, and classically.

Sadly, I will admit I've had years of some truly strange fashion tastes, but recently another woman (Stephanie Nielson, of the NieNieDialogues) reminded me of that love that Betty's hat collection once sparked. Happily, friends, that is why, and how I came to dress as I often do, because I believe that within every one of us, as women, is a truly beautiful daughter of God, and through dressing in such a feminine and timelessly classic way, I feel it is a refection of such.

So thank you, Betty, for sharing your hats with me, and thank you Nie Nie for reminding me of something I knew once a long time ago.

Post Script: Yes, I do wear pants and blue jeans quite often.... so do not think I think people are any less of a woman for doing such.... I love you all.

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nicole said...

i followed your link to the nieniedialogs and it made me cry. my heart broke for her. for what she has been through. there wasn't anywhere to post a comment. she is such a strong woman, and it makes what i'm going through with my husband deployed look very easy. her family is in my thoughts and prayers. thank you for posting a link to her blog. it was very inspiring and uplifting to read about how she is rising above such a huge trial in her life.