Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beany at one month old

It seems like time is just flying buy with this sweet little Bean. Thankfully, we get to spend so much time together snuggling, and laying together while I read books or look at things on the computer. I love his sweet smell and how he nuzzles his head under my chin. Everything about him is perfect, and I feel so blessed everyday to be his mother. When I look at him, and realise that, unless there is some major change in life plans, he is our last baby my heart just screams for it all to slow down. It seems like I blinked and his older brothers all just grew up over night, and I can't stand the idea of that happening this last time.

But, enough of my wishing for my baby to never grow! For Christmas this year, Benjamin got me a new camera b/c my nice DSLR, as you will recall met a sad end via some gatoraide and Sheepie. He gave it to me early so that I could take pictures at FP's baptism, and so it's been a treat to be able to hone in how to use it with such a cute model. Here are some pictures I snagged with Mr. Bean while playing with my external flash. 

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