Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wrapping up Autumn

As I sit down to a new year, I realise there is really only one thing that I want to be better at this year.  At least one thing, that is, that I care to make a resolution about. That one thing is chronicling our lives. My blog has sorely lacked for months, and I realised as I sat down to put some stuff in FPs baby book, that many important things have been left out of each child's. All I can say is thankgoodness for FB b/c otherwise I'd not be able to go back and fill in Goober's book at all; it is that empty. Now I realise that it is easy to say something along the lines of, "We've been so busy living and enjoy life we've not had time to record about it." And that may well be true. But when my children are grown up, I want them to be able to look back at these things and see their history. The memories will fade and I want them, and their own children to have reminders of the things that made our lives happy. So this year, that is my only resolution. I want to blog at least weekly, and have all the kids baby books caught up by the end of the year. So, that being said, let the catch up begin!

This Autumn has passed quite quickly, but the one thing I forgot to post about was the new sporting adventures for the oldest two. this year Sheepie and FP played soccer for the first time and LOVED it. They were able to play on the same team (The Broncos) and their team overall was actually quite good. They won all but two of their games, and one of those two was a tie.

The other big excitement of the Autumn was that one of our little 'farm' goals came true. We got chickens. I have to say I have quite the love/hate relationship with these little birds. They are so fun to collect eggs from their coop, and the pick up and pet, but they poop everywhere! Each of the three older boys picked out their own and named them. Their names are Mace Windu, Bullseye, and Philadelphia Chicken. This next spring I would like to get more so that we can have more than three eggs a day, but for now I am quite enjoying them. I'm especially proud of our little coop/ chicken run we build, as it's made out of about 90% reclaimed materials. The coop itself is Abbey's old dog house, that she would never use, and then we raised it with some left over materials from the property fence. and then we used some left over chicken wire and metal fence stakes from our property fence to build their run area. We only had to buy their walk way up into the coop and some more chicken wire.

In November, aside from Beany joining our family, which was far and away the best part of our Autumn, I celebrated my birthday as well. Turning 29 was pretty uneventful, and I spent the day just relaxing with my sweet little family. Thanksgiving was also a nice low key day, as we went over to Benjamin's parents home
and were able to relax. This was especially nice since everyone was just getting over being sick with a nasty bug that the kids all brought home from school. Our Autumn wrapped up with my getting ready for the Corvallis Community Nativity Festival, with which I have been involved over the last several years. I worked this year to put all the costumes together for the volunteers to wear. With a new baby it was a bit more of an undertaking than I had really had in mind, but thanks to a really good stroller and lots of McDonald's for the Littles, it worked out in the end.

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