Sunday, January 1, 2012

FP's birthday and Baptism

December 4th rolled around this year faster than I could have possibly imagined and with it came my sweet FPs birthday. How my first born went from being a baby one day and being 8 the next I'm not sure! For his birthday we had a shake up this year, and instead of a party he invited one of his best friends, Julius, over for a sleep over, and then the next day the two of them, along with his other good friend Sara to go see the new Muppet Movie.  None of the three kids had ever been exposed to the classic Muppets before, so it was fun to watch them see the Muppets I grew up with.  What followed the next weekend, though, was even more special for FP.

In our faith, we believe that children reach an age of accountability when they turn 8 years old. It is at this age they are allowed to be baptized and become members if the church, if they wish to. FP wanted to get baptized, so on December 10th 2011, he was baptized by his father. It was a sweet, small gathering for him, and he was very excited to be taking such a big step in his life. It is one that he has been working toward since he was a young child, and I know he is proud of the choice he made.  As his mother, I can not help but be very proud of my not so little boy. I know that for him, there are some very real struggles in choosing to do what is right. He has such a strong desire to be a good boy though, and it makes me beam to think of his wish to be good and clean, and do the things that our Heavenly Father has set out for him.

After he was baptised, and he came out from getting dressed, he sat down next to me, and I leaned over to tell him I loved him and was proud of him. I sniffed him, and jokingly said he smelled clean. With such sincerity he looked over at me and said, "That's because I am, Mom. I am perfect right now, and it feels so good!"

That night when we got home, he wrote down his impressions of his special day, and I hope they are something he will always keep with him in life.

FP's impressions after being baptized and getting the gift of the Holy Ghost.

I got baptized today! I was happy in my whole baptism. Like when my Aunt Alicen spoke to me about keeping my spirit clean and when Bro. Elton spoke to me about baptism. I was most happy when I got baptized. I wish I had stayed under longer. I told my daddy he should have held me until I tapped him because I could have held my breath for a long time. The water was kind of cold and warm.  After my baptism I felt clean and fresh. I got the Holy Ghost. I  was really excited when I got there! I got baptized because I wanted to be like Jesus. I also wanted to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.    

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