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Christmas 2011

Christmas was a bit of an adventure for our family this year. It was our year to spend the holiday with my family, and when talking to my mom about how we wanted to do things this year, I invited everyone over to my house, because I figured with a new baby, and four other little boys, it would be easier than having to cart them around.  It was a small little celebration this year, with my little brother living over in Germany, and my older brother having to work, but my mom was able to come spend the time with us and so we still enjoyed ourselves.

Christmas even traditions that we do around the Carleski house include: eating Chili, opening a present (always new jammies) and telling the Christmas story, as well as reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas and T'was the Night Before Christmas before setting out goodies for Santa.

Things got interesting though when that evening I started having trouble with my Asthma. I ended up using my nebulizer while we were getting all the goodies set out for the kids, and I was okay for the rest of the night, able to sleep fairly well.  When I woke up the next morning though, I was having trouble again. Basically, the whole day boiled down to me using my nebulizer and my rescue inhaler like they were candy. And even in so doing I'd get terribly winded by just the slightest things. I had also invited my grandpa Charles down, and he came to spend a few hours with us before heading back home. The real problem came though when it rolled around to being time to make dinner b/c I was having so much trouble breathing that I just couldn't do it. To add to the worries, my inlaws ended up coming over b/c they were going to go to my sister in laws house, but she called and said she was sick.  Thankfully, my mom stepped in and saved the day by cooking all of dinner by herself. I felt terribly about it since she was our guest, but had it not been for her, we likely would have ended up eating cereal for supper. My mother in law had to work that day and said that she'd seen pretty much nothing but patients in for breathing troubles that day to the ER, and that something must have been moving through the valley.  I managed to make it until after supper and then decided that I too needed to head into the ER to get stronger meds, since it was getting to be unsafe with the amount I was taking at home. So, after finishing supper  (so that I didn't miss any of 'Christmas Day') Benjamin put the kids to bed, and my mom, instead of heading home drove me to the ER.... I'd had so much meds at home, by that point that, when the hooked me up to the stuff, my BP was 141/92 and my resting pulse was 92. Holy WOW!  Thankfully they gave me a stronger asthma drug there, and the doc prescribed my some drugs to take at home over the next few days. And then home we went, where thankfully I was able to sleep through the night. And although I was pretty tried the next few days, after coming off of my drug high (no joke!) I rebounded pretty quickly and we have been able to enjoy the rest of the kids break. But it sure did make for a lame ending to Christmas Day.

 Christmas Jammies!!!
 This years goodies included: A new camera for FP, a kitchen for Sheepie, Darth Tater and a Stormtater Mr. Potatohead for Boy, and a Very Hungry Caterpillar  Zoobies doll for Goob.

 Look at the excitement in his eyes

 "Lets take pictures of each other, taking pictures of each other!"

 Grandma got Sheepie some great pots and pans to go with his new kitchen.

 Goob LOVES books!
 Boy loves his Toy Story action figures from Grandma

 and his 'big boy' hoodie

 I bet you can't tell these two are related at all!

 we made Boy an Angry Birds toy set for Christmas this year!

 Sheepie got his first cookbook!
 and we gave FP a tub full of little Pokemon toys (eye roll)

FP crashed in a post Christmas nap

And yes, for those who noticed, there was no mention of Beany in this post. Call me heartless, but I saw no point in giving toys to a kid who was not even two months old. He enjoyed a day of being held almost non stop by his Grandma. I think that's a great Christmas gift for all involved!

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