Sunday, February 12, 2012

the 1st ever Carleski Root Beer Tasting Invitational

Benjamin recently went to a game night and tasting party activity for EQ (men's group at church). We thought this was such a fun idea we adopted it ourselves that weekend. We split the boys up into two groups and went all over town finding as many different kinds of root beer as possible and brought them back to the house. We did real sampling (small sips with breaks to cleanse our taste buds) and then did blind taste tests to pick our favourites. At the end of the night Papa came over and the Biggies got to stay up and play their first ever RISK game.
We ended up with 26 different kinds
(don't even ask how much we spend o_o)

Let the tasting begin!!!

the empties start to add up
 Taste test winners:
Henry Weinhardts for Benjamin and Katie
A&W for Frog Prince
Crater Lake Root Beet for Sheepie 
SODA!!!!! for the littles.

the men folk playing RISK

FP valiantly makes his last stand.

Sheepie decimates all the competition on his first ever game. Can you tell he's excited?

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