Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow day Jan. 15th

The 15th of last month brought us our first and only snow of the season, but it lasted for a few days and it was a great great time. When it melted though, it brought along heavy rain, and all of Corvallis was seriously flooded. We almost could not get out of our neighbourhood, and our property was quite flooded. We had knee deep water ice cold (I know I walked through it) running through our little season creek, and our poor chickens were about to float away, their entire enclosure was flooded as well. Thankfully they were able to stay in their coop through most of it, and were not too worse off for it.

 Frog Prince having fun

 Sheepie didn't figure he needed anything but a hat and gloves 

 Boy attacking Daddio

 Goober's first year really enjoying the snow. He was HOOKED!

 Snow Angels

 Oh Boy, you sweet Sassy Pants!

 Look at that sweet Goob face, don't you just want to smoother him in curry and eat him all up!

 Even Abbey dog got in on the snow action. Not bad for a mutt who came to us from AZ.

 FP worked so hard getting all the snow for the man. He built huge discs (because he was only rolling in one direciton) and then they fell over so he started again, and this buddy stayed on our lawn for about a week.

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