Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rock climbing with the boys

Benjamin and I love to rock climb and try to go at least once a week as a date. The boys have asked and begged to go with us. So we took them to family climb a few Saturdays ago over at OSU. Honestly, they were not big fans. Apparently, our children are all afraid of heights. I am too, to some extent, but climbing has never bothered me. Hopefully, with more exposure they will learn they're safe and grow to like it. I'd love to spend summer holidays climbing with my boys someday.

FP did far and away the best.

 Sheepie really was not much of a fan at all, and actually started to cry. 

Boy was fine as long as he wasn't tied into the ropes. Sadly, that meant he was only allowed to climb as high as the bouldering walls went. But when he was tied in he had no problem letting go to 'fall'. So I'm not sure what the hang up was.

Some day... but until then we'll keep trying.

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