Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Fun Jar

As the semester wrapped up for the schools, it meant a rather long time off of preschool for the Littles. They take the last week of the semester off as well as most of the first two of the new one. This is so the kids who are their teachers, at the high school, can take their finals, and then be trained in the in coming class.

With the prospect of having them at home with me all day again, I decided to institute a fun jar. This is an idea our friend Tiffany does with her kids. they go to a year round school, so she is in the position to have them home for long breaks several times a year rather just over summer.

We have had so much fun, and it has made getting in the Valentine's Day spirit super easy, as most of our activities were V-Day themed. I can't wait for what we do the last few days before class starts again, this Friday.

Activity 1# Indoor Snowman

Activity #2 Heart frames

Activity #3 Was making a bed fort and 'camping' out with marshmellows.

Activity #4 was making a record-able book to send to Sister Sherry in Fiji for her birthday.

Activity #5 Valentine Plants

Activity #6 Snow globes with guest Fun Jarrer, Alice Rampton (Boy's Sunbeams teacher)

Activity #7  Marble painting

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