Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sheepie learns to ride a bike

For a while now we've told Sheepie it was time to ditch the training wheels, as they just don't work on our gravel driveway, and it was just silly watching him carry his bike all the way up the drive way to the street. A few weeks ago he got on board with the idea and gave it a try. Over all he did pretty well, but when the weather changed and we were flooded out he'd still not really mastered it. But last Monday I told him we should give it a try again.   With the existing promise of a brand new, not hand me down Buzz Lightyear bike hanging in the air, he was more than happy to give it a go. And then he just hopped on his bike and peddled away, silly boy. He still has to work a bit to start, but he can ride up and down the street, drive way and just about anywhere now. So Wednesday I bought him his new bike, and it ended up working out perfectly b/c the next day happened to be WALK and BIKE to SCHOOL DAY at school.

I'll try to post pictures of him on his new bike soon.

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