Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School Feast 2010

Before I talk about September as a month I want to make certain I make a special post about our annual Back to School Feast. It is always something our family looks forward to, and if you were to have looked at my facebook account leading up to it, you would had seen easily ten plus status updates about it.

The theme for our Back to School Feast this year, and for our school year is:

In Every Thing Give Thanks

We were lucky to have so many great guests join us this year and help us in celebrating the return of the school year. For those of you who are not familiar with our tradition it was one that Nienie started with her family and I happily adopted it when my kids started school. My dear friend Stephanie also puts on a back to school feast with her family, a la Nienie, and so I invited her sweet and beautiful family to join us for our feast this year. Along with her awesome brood of ducklings, the 'Apple' family joined us. Ann and Tom Sherry are such a treat to have in our lives, I couldn't imagine a back to school feast would be the same with out them. And this was certainly proven true when they supplied us with the goodies for s'mores, magically had potato sacks laying around when I mentioned, before hand, I wanted to do potato sack races, and Tom even used some of our old rope and amazed the kids with his lasso'ing skills!

All the beautiful pictures that night were taken by my dear friend Stephanie, who probably is starting to think I invite her to things just so she will bring along her amazing eye for colour and light! (Not ever the case Steph!) You can see her take on the BtSF and other things over this way.

On the menu for the night: Prime Rib, grilled salmon, potatoes au gratin, Great Harvest bread, pasta salad, green salad, sautéed veggies, grilled asparagus, freshly picked berries, and organic sparkling cider. Stephanie provided two amazing cakes for dessert. Chocolate with chocolate butter cream frosting and VaNIElla with butter cream. yummy!

Tom Sherry carves the prime rib for us as Christopher loads up in the background.

Such sweet faces!

Payton and Boy spent all night 'talking' on a pretend cell phone. They couldn't get enough of it.

Three legged races!

Sweet Miss Avonliegh (my future daughter in law) getting lasso'ed by Tom Sherry.

It wouldn't be a complete evening without roasted marshmellows around the fire.

Sheepies crown made his eyes just glow. He wore it all night.

The twinkle lights just starting to shine as the sun begins to set for our supper.

Tom and Ann Sherry. They are favourites around our house and we are so glad they were able to come and share the evening with us. (Tom reading a quote for us during the fireside.)

Steph grabbed a few pictures of me while I was playing on the swing set, hehe.

Every good evening should have at least one silly game like potato sack races, don't you agree?

What a great night we had! We can't wait to be Thankful for all, and enjoy the school year!

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