Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So much has happened I'm not sure where all the time went.

Here we are again with another whirl wind update in attempts to get us caught back up on life. It seems like I'm so busy living life I'm constantly forgetting to sit down and document it before it slips past. I think as I've watched Goob grow up so quickly over the last few months I've realised that while it's important to make sure we are not so caught up in'catching' life that we miss out on really living it, it is also important (and the council of the prophets) to record and keep for posterity the recollections of things that have happened. I look at my kids and how they each have changed and grown so much of the last handful of months and I can hardly recognise them as the kids there were during the summer.

So many inconsequential 'little' things happen each day and I am remembering now that these are the moments that build up to the story of our family and our lives. Truly a humbling concept, and one that has presented me with a renewed desire to blog and preserve what is happening in our lives.

I think I can blame Facebook though. I realised that I keep up with our happenings so much in status updates there, that it never makes it here. But how much can I really relate in 400 characters, and will I remember it once it's buried deep between ever third friends farmville request? Not likely. So here it is friends. Here is likely the only new years resolution you will ever hear come out of my mouth-- or in this case, be typed by these fingers.
This year, I plan to finish my project of printing each years blog posts and making annuals of our family story (history). So help me it will get done!

That being said... Let's take a little stroll down memory lane and look at some of the highlights of what's been happening in our lives. For this, I shall have to turn to facebook to jog my memory and get some pictures... Stay tuned to the next several posts. I think I shall go by what happened in each month? Sound good? Great.

But first I'm going to go pull the old crib out of the garage because I just posted it an hour ago on craigslist and already have sold it. Sweet. My entry fee for this years Polar Plunge is now paid.



but you will need that crib in 8 months. :)

Kate the Great said...

Haha Dawn, keep dreaming.