Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ohhh October, you sly dog you!

Aren't these the most witty titles you've ever seen? I sure think so. ;)

I know I blamed Facebook for taking me away from my blog, but my goodness, at least I was keeping up on that social media black hole, because it has been instrumental in my remembering what went on in our lives for the last few months. Whew!

October brought a whole new dark and sticky chapter to our lives around here. ( In just a minute you will realise that's a play on words, hehe. I know, the wittiness amazes even me at times!) Right around the first week of this lovely Autumn month Boy decided that he wanted to explore the world of art in the worst possible way; Poop Painting. Having been potty trained I didn't think this would be a problem. Sure, he was still not pooping in the loo, but I figured it was because it was a big scary hole in which he could easily fall, and that is daunting at two. It didn't seem a problem since he was only pooping during his sleep while still safely diapered. Until the painting began. It was prolific the amount of dark and sticky stuff that could come from such a sweet and small boy, but it happened and it happend often. It went through Oct. and November; straight through December and thankfully now in January when he is regularly taking himself to the bathroom to do his pooping it has FINALLY seemed to have tapered off. We tried everything from timeouts to cold showers, spankings (not my finest moment) to throwing away the stuff he pooped on. I think what finally turned the tide was making him scrub the stuff himself. He has only had to do that twice and we haven't had problems since. It has been nice to finally put his room back together, as stuff was packed away for fear of a stinky situation.

On a completely different front October also brought one of my favourite activities, Canning! This year we only did some apples (compliments of the Apple family) because we had no garden minus a few potted things I had while we were in the apartment.

The charming Mr. C continued to recover through October and by the end of the month was up and hobbling around in his boot like the best of them. He was so very very glad to be done with the entire ordeal.

I also managed to find time to dig a flower bed along the front walk way of our house and get bulbs in the ground for the spring before it became too cold. While our has is LOVELY and the property is amazing, it is really stretching my imagination to figure out how to landscape it because the entire thing is just a giant empty field all around us. Hopefully, the flowers will bring so needed colour in the spring.

We also learned the other 'perk' to living in a country field was the seemingly endless supply of mice. We had quite an adventure here starting around October when it seemed no matter what we tried we were catching and killing mice left, right, and sideways. Eventually, we found a way to solve that problem. Half way through the month FP got the desire of his heart when we adopted a kitten from the Humane Society to help kill the mice. I've always been allergic to cats, but we keep Quimby strictly inside and it has made all the difference. He caught four.... that's right four mice in one day, and these days I haven't seen a mouse in ages.

One of those 'everyday moments' I mentioned happened in October; one that I will forever cherish. It was one of those things that could have so easily been lost, because it happend in passing, even though it was of such great importance. Boy walked by me one day and announced, "Jesus Christ LOVES ME!" and then went on his merry way. What an awesome, in the truest sense, realization for a two year old to have. I am so glad that in that blip of a moment the sparks of testimony were planted in my son's heart, and he came to understand one of this life's most important truths. Got to love it!

Our October wrapped up with all the kids being sick, sick, sick.... it happens every year, but it made for a slow Halloween season around our house, which as most of you know is my favourite holiday. This year the kids were all Harry Potter Characters. This was even more cool because I have never thrust my insane love for Harry Potter on my children, and they themselves are coming to love it for it's own coolness. One of the downsides to the camera having been broken is that I don't think I ever got pictures of them in their costumes. FP was Draco Malfoy, complete with bleached out blonde hair, Sheepie was Cedric Diggory; being a Huffle, I was SO proud, Boy was Harry Potter, and Goob was Justin Finch-Fletchly. For those of you who don't know, that means each of the four Hogwarts houses were present in our family, and short of me choosing Goobs character each kid picked who they wanted to be. They still run around in their robes and play with their hand crafted (by Mr. C) wands, so perhaps I will try and make them dress up and I will get a picture.

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