Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In which we talk about August 2010

August oh August, you seem forever ago as I stare out my window at the snow coming. As we got ready for the end of summer there were some major changes coming our way.
FP was getting ready to start the first grade, and that meant going to school all day. He was very excited about this prospect because it meant buying a new lunch box. That's my kind of kid!
Sheepie was elated to realise that in just a few short weeks he would start elementary school. He was so very excited to start 'real' school.
Far and away the most important thing that happened in August though ( mentioned a bit already) was Goober's FIRST birthday. It is hard to imagine that as I type this he is already 17 months old, but back in August our sweet kid left being a baby behind.
When else in life can you eat ice cream for breakfast naked?!

Goob's birthday fell on a Sunday this year, so he got to have his presents first thing so he could take them to church. Here he is encountering his first ever birthday present. 
 "I love it!...what exactly is it?"

Giant Doughnut anyone? This was our little family cake we had with supper that night Nothing fancy but nice and messy for him to destroy.

The rest of our August went by fairly quietly as we enjoyed wrapping up summer and getting ready for the school year to start... We prepared for school, hiked often, played in the water almost daily, ran around with the dog in the yard, and apparently Boy went riding off in to the sunset a few times with his donkey.

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I want to eat ice cream naked for breakfast tomorrow. I just might.