Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Franklin Came to Visit

At Frog Prince's school, his enchanting teacher sends out Franklin to spend the night with each student. Frog prince had such a wonderful time with him, that we decided that we needed to dedicate an entire blog entry to their adventures.

After coming home from school the boys taught Franklin how to play, 'red light, green light.'

Frog Prince was very happy to have a special friend come to visit.

Since Franklin is always spending the night at people's homes, FP decided he needed a night cap to sleep in.

The Finished Product

Even when spending the night, you might want your own room, complete with toys, to nap in.

Later during the day, Franklin got to come with us when I donated blood. He wasn't nervous about the needles at all!

After dinner everyone wanted to play a rousing game of, 'Tractor Tipping.'

Finally, the two tired friends curled up in bed for a well deserved night's sleep!

Ever the good friend, Frog Prince even helped Franklin use his special tooth brush to clean his smile before school.
We look forward to having Franklin come spend the night with us again. Thanks for visiting, Franklin!

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