Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween Toy Story Style

Every Halloween, we have a family theme, because my family lovingly goes along with my craziness of Halloween goodness. This year, I give you... Toy Story, the Might C's style.

Bo Peep
(our tripod has gone missing and it was SOOO hard to get a remotely decent picture of me. What you can't see is that my skirt has the pink polka dots like she has in the movie. I also ended up wearing white tights and light blue high heels to match her more. well and I didn't look like I was about to kill my camera, too.)

her Sheep
(this kid got so freaking heavy through out the day, and now that I'm making christmas presents, his fleece got recycled into soft building block stuffing. But I kept the hat, it was too darned cute!)

Buzz Lightyear
(Don't you just want to give that face all the candy in the world!)

(I originally went for this theme thinking FP would want to be Woody. Go figure that he'd want to be the dinosaur... oh well, he makes the best one around!)

Mr. Potato Head
(This kid's so cute I want to bake him up --get it? and eat him with some sour cream! He now sleeps with the potato and pulls all the pieces off every night. I made them with velcro so he could play with it.)

Sheriff Woody and the whole gang.
(Sadly, we don't ever seem to manage a decent family picture in our costumes. If you remember last year we took it at the end of the night, so we were all tired and cranky and covered in candy. This year, Hubby's receptionist took it, and really tried hard, but did't manage our camera well.)
Happy Autumn Everyone!


Brittany said...

Oh good, the Toy Story costumes. How fun that the Potato Head pieces come on and off. Those Buzz Lightyear wings are intense! Did you make the Rex costume? Your husband is a good sport. Like mine. And you are a very cute Bo Peep. They turned out great! So what do you have cooking up for next year? Do you keep a stash of ideas?

Nay said...

That is too cute! You did an awesome job. Thoes boys are lucky to have you as a momma!!