Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Star Student Day

Every child in FP's class has A special day all about them, called their Star Student Day. They are encouraged to bring four or so items that are special to them into class and give a special presentation about them. They also get to sit in the special rocking chair that day. He was over the moon about it, and started planning from his first day of school what to bring.

Sitting in the special rocking chair

Showing off his Snuggie that he and I made together

Telling the class about his best friend, Little Froggie

Showing everyone his frog quilt that I made him for Christmas last year.

Explaining what the black tips on his karate belt mean.
He also gave a karate demonstration for his class.
It really is amazing to watch this little guy grow up. I can remember when he was just a chubby little lovely lump in my arms, and now he's so articulate and confident in what he does. He has a skill for public speaking and I was very proud and happy to see that so many of the things he chose to share were things of sentimental and familial importance, rather than materialistic things. Sweet boy that he is, he's got his priorities in life right!

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