Thursday, November 19, 2009

Manners Can be Fun

I'm always so proud when I hear from others about things that my children do well.

Sheepie was invited to a birthday party last week. The little boy goes to his preschool with him, and although they've not always been the best of friends, Sheepie wanted to go so I let him. Since FP had karate, I just dropped Sheepie off.

Fast forward a few days, to when I'm picking Sheepie up from preschool. A mom of one of the little girls who attended the party, stopped me and told me that Sheepie was one of the most well mannered and polite children she'd met. Apparently, he was liberal and well timed with his "please" and "thank yous", and made certain, unprompted to let the birthday boy know that he was grateful to be invited to the party, that he was having a good time, and that he hopped that the boy was having a good birthday.

It sure is nice to know what some of what I'm trying to teach him is sinking in and that I can send him places alone without having to worry about how he acts.

I sure do love that boy!


Danna said...

Katie... I love to hear that someone else out there is teaching these little boys manneres.. So many times I hear that."oh he's just a boy" or "thats a boy for you".. Boy need to be taught manners and they will have manners when they get older and will treat their wives better too. MJ opens doors, eats with his mouth closed, says please and thank you and is 100% boy. It melts my heart when other notice and make sure they tell you what a great boy you have.
Great Job Mom!! You are teaching the future!

Aubri said...

I looooove your children. You're such a good mama.

preciosamama said...

I love it when children are taught manners, it seems to be a lost art. I press 'please' 'thank you' no thank you' 'excuse me' and 'you're welcome'
It's amazing how nice people can be and some surprises you can receive if you use your manners.
Yea, Sheepie for using the golden words!

Jon said...

You have some good days and some bad days. Sometimes the good makes up for all the bad. This sounds like it was definitely one of the good ones. Thanks for sharing.

Evan and Charitie said...

Sheepie is a very sweet boy. We love it when he comes over and dances with our little girl. He wants to be the prince so he can take care of the princess. I think he golden!