Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009

Every year I am involved in Nanowrimo. It is wonderfully fun and always a blast. You never know what kind of junk is going to to fall out of your head until you try to write an entire book in 30 days!

This year, sadly I have no good ideas, and really almost forgot about it until a friend mentioned it had started. Since several people (one today, actually) have commented about how funny my writing is I decided I would stick with what I know best. Mommy Blogs. Sad, no? Don't worry, I think it is too. I have decided to write a book of entirely fictive Mommy Blog entries, formed in a style that mirrors a letter book. What is a letter book, well imagine something where all the story is told through letters, rather than narrative. Kind of like that, except this would be blog posts.

Here is the little excerpt from my Nano Bio. (Remember you can't write well when trying to plug out 50,000 words in 30 days, so I know it's rough!)

Excerpt: The Mommy Blogs: True life tales of things so amazing we might as well say they’re made up.
Of course, Jax Jax just said the cutest thing when we pulled into the parking lot, because my kids don’t even really know what McDonald's is. He asked me if we were going to, “Old MacDonald’s Farm” for a treat, and I just about died laughing. Isn’t that just the cutest?!? Well, we all really went wild and bought two large fries to split. I guess the kids aren’t used to having that much processed food because about a half an hour into playing on their indoor jungle gym, Jax Jax decides he needs to go to the bathroom and he needs to do it right now. See, the only problem was that he happened to be in the middle of those little mesh tubes when he decided this. Oh yeah, that’s right my friends, he dropped his pants right then and there, and started to tinkle. And when I say tinkle, I actually mean peed like a race horse. Really, what was I supposed to do? All I could do it seemed, was stand there, with the baby in my arms, horror stricken as his pee fell to the floor like a yellow shower of doom. Have you ever tried to explain to a sixteen year old fast food worker that they need to bring out a mop because your son just unloaded himself in their play land? Nope; its fun you, should try it sometime.


Allanna said...

Oh. My. Flip.

It's such a good thing that I wasn't drinking a soda or it'd have been sent on a projectile mission via my nose onto Michael's laptop!!

Go you! ^_^

Aubri said...

HA! Thank you! Needed this today...