Monday, November 9, 2009

Home made Christmas

This year is a home made/ recycle Christmas at our house. Aside from the fact that it costs way less money, my husband and I want our children to appreciate more the act of giving and things made with the intent of love that will last forever, rather than just the hype of commercialism.

I have so oh so lovely and fun projects lined up this year, so stay tuned as I show off my pretties.

I'm sad to say Santa will still bring something from the store this year though, because each of my elder children have their heart set on that one 'oh so coveted desire of their heart' and it's hard to explain why Santa wouldn't bring them what they've asked for when they've been good all year, and not crush their love of the jolly ol' fat man. But I did tell them that this year he's only bringing them one present, so they better make certain it's special. (a scooter and a green light saber are the gifts of the year).

Also my neighbour who has only one boy (who takes amazingly good care of his belongings) just brought over an entire box of children's books that he's outgrown and I kid you not most them seem to have never even had the spine cracked. They are lovely, beautifully done books, that are mostly centered around doing activities, so I'm going to hide them away and they too will find their way under the tree this year, rather than into a land fill.

What are your plans for this holiday season?


Allanna said...

We're keeping it pretty simple. Which makes me a little sad, since I love to buy presents for my family (and, hey, if I had the money to do so, I'd be out shopping for all my friends, too.) ... it looks like we'll get the kids each a gift and a gift to share. The family will get homemade stuff. Good thing that I'm somewhat handy in the kitchen! *sigh*

Hey, the year I can surprise all that the grandparents with trips with us and the kids ... that'll be a grand year. (They'll have to be separate trips. At least, I know that my folks aren't so comfortable around each other. *shrug*)

But, good for you, getting started on everything!!

captcha: redom ... close to "red rum," don't you think? Which is just about my sentiment as NaNoWriMo is kicking my trash. :P

The Strasser Family said...

I have so far bought small halloween stuff that was around a dollar or less from the 75% off stuff at target. I would love to do homemade stuff but I don't have any ideas, any suggestions?

Brittany said...

My family has been doing "Homemade Christmas" since I was 12. I love it! I find it hard to think of homemade gifts for my husband, though, so sometimes I cheat.

Danna said...

I love homemade Christmases.. Im am not sure what I am making this year.. Yet, A few ideas are still spinning in my head.
I agree this year seems like it is soo commercialized. The day after Halloween Santa was at wallmart. I though to myself..I guess were back to this again.. Thinking how the idea of Santa really started.
The last few years since we were there in Corvallis we started feeding the homeless shelter in Albany. We haven't missed a year since, in fact thats what the kids love to do for Christmas. And that is what Christmas is about.. Serving as Christ served. Not commercialism.