Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Some people say that I'm a mean mother that I insist my children earn their keep, to be able to live in my house. I, however, realise that a house doesn't run it self, and the importance of learning that one has responsibilites in a family, even at an early age.

So, today's job that must be done:

Go Dig up all the Dinosaur Bones in the back yard

What are your monkey's up to, today?

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Bob C said...

Eet looks like eets time for a song for los Skippitos Friskitos!

Oh, we are los Skippitos Friskitos (clap, clap)
We hate doing house chores-a-ritos (clap, clap)
We'd rather have fun
Digging bones in the sun
Hey wait! That's one sly mama-cito!!