Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping with Cousins.

Saturday we were lucky enough to have my nephew Q come over and have a sleep over with the kids. He and Frog Prince decided that they wanted to camp out in the back yard. Up went the tent and out came the candy. Everyone had a great time, and I honestly can't tell you what time they eventually went to sleep. Since they'd had about two full sodas a piece, I went out around 10pm and marched everyone back in for one more bathroom trip (cleaning up accidents in tents is not my idea of fun!). After that, Hubby and I went to bed and I imagine they all crashed much later than that.

Sheepie and Q do the soda dance!

Score! Look at that soda face!

The Three Amigos!

A great time was had, and it was the perfect way to start off having our cousins home for the summer! Hopefully, we'll get to do it a few more times before they head back to Chicago this autumn.

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