Monday, June 8, 2009

The proud Graduates

Friday was the last day of school for the kids. They had a lovely little presentation of all their years work, and a potluck for the families. This year was Frog Princes last year, so it was a little bitter sweet for him. He wrote his teacher a lovely letter, all by himself, and thanked her for being his teacher, and telling her that'd he miss preschool. He's learnt so much over the last two years, I can hardly believe how quickly he's growing up. Both of the boys were given memory books that were simply lovely. They've spent a little time each day looking at them, and today I even hear them playing school with their dolls.

This is Sheepie with his Fiancee, Kendall. She goes to church with us, and babysits whenever Kaitlyn isn't around. She also is one of the lead student teachers in the school. Sheepie has more than once announced that he will marry her when he grows up, and even officially proposed to her on their 'prom' day.

All the kids at school love Kendall.

Beyond that, life just keeps on plowing by and I wonder where it goes. Frog Prince has his last game of the season tonight, and I am glad to see how much fun he has had playing his first 'real' sport. He decided a few nights ago that he was going to give himself a hair cut. It was the night I gave Boy his first hair cut. We'd put the other two to bed already, so I figured it was safe to just leave the scissors on the bathroom counter for a while. Silly me! FP 'had to go to the bathroom' a while later and after twenty minutes in there emerged with huge chunks of hair missing. You can kind of see what I am talking about in the picture above. Needless to say, Friday night he got his head shaved.

Summer promises to be a busy one as I look at it. Camp stuff kicks into overdrive starting this weekend, and I realise we have a month until it happens. My sister in law comes into town this weekend, and we will celebrate my nieces first birthday that day. Family reunion is also only a few weeks away.Both the older boys will start Karate lessons next week, and are having rather mixed feelings about it. Sheepie does not want to go, but I think it's simply that he is afraid to try it. Once he gets out there, I know he'll do great. FP, at first, didn't want to be involved because he feared it would replace t ball. When we explained that t ball would be over until next year, he was somewhat okay with the idea. For him though, it is not optional. We are looking for a way to help him learn to focus a bit more, and listen to directions once, before the school year starts. Once I explained to him that it would make him a better t ball player for next season, and that if he still didn't like it by then he could quit, he was more than on board with the idea.

I find it hard to believe that I only have two more weeks until Sheepie turns four. Boy is about to turn 15 months old, and I have two more months until Twinkle Toes makes his way into the world. It seems that time has just been flying by, and I am surprised that things I thought were only a few days ago turn out to have happened over several weeks ago. It is slightly bitter sweet to see it all go so quickly, but we find plenty of time for cuddling in bed, snuggling up to read, and just being lazy together, so I know that even if it flies by faster than I'd like, we're making good memories along the way!

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Nay said...

Congrats to your graduates! Isn't it funny the crushes on teachers! I know a guy who married his babysitter that was 8 years older than him. They are quite happy and have several kids now. Anyway, I tried you beans and rice dinner with a few changes (ham and canned beans) and my family loved it as well! So thank you!