Friday, June 12, 2009

A Crazy idea

After talking with Sheepie yesterday, I have figured out what he wants his birthday cake to look like this year.

Ready for it?

A 3-D Wall*E cake.

That's right, my next big adventure is figuring out how to make that (well, okay after I get some more stuff squared away for camp that is).

So wish me luck. I am thinking Monday, I am going to do a test run and try making at least the basic shape and frosting to see how long it will take. I found another lady on line who did it and said it took her about 5 hours to make the cakes (it took her about five to get enough cake to cut all the pieces) and the another 5 to decorate it. Eee!

However, you lovely folks will likely get to see the step by step of how it all unfolds!

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