Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I feel incredibly blessed to have such an amazing husband, who is father to my children. I honestly don't know if there is anyone out there in the world who could do a better job being 'Daddy' to my kids than he does. He is the favourite parent hands down, and I am glad that my boys have such an awesome example to look up to.

I love you everyday for the father that you are, Mr. C.... thank you!

Daddy and baby FP

Daddy with Sheepie

Daddy and Boy

I hope that our boys grow up to be just as amazing a father as you are each day.

Also, a Happy Father's day to my own Dad...Thank you for helping me become who I am today, and for always loving me and supporting my choices. You are a wonderful father and grandfather! Although you are further away than we'd like, I am grateful for the love you give to our family!

Lastly, I want to wish my father in law a Happy Father's Day, as well. He has played such a large part in my little families everyday lives. Thank you for raising a wonderful son, and teaching both him and your grandsons by example how to be a righteous priesthood bearer.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!

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