Thursday, June 18, 2009

What FP and Daddy did while we made Wall*E

Hubby and Frog Prince went on a date last night as well. When we got home from karate, they disappeared into the garage to set up a project that Hubby and I had talked about a few days ago.

Back story: Since putting the house up for sale, we've been clearing most everything in the garage (except food storage and some other basics) into a storage unit. It has really decluttered the place and given us the ability to get the hop on packing non essential things for whenever we do eventually move. This has left the garage virtually empty. I perfect play place! Since you can walk right from the dining room door out on to the patio and into the garage the kids can easily go in and out of the garage while playing in the back yard, and I don't have to worry about people on the street knowing they are in there without me being with them. It has given them a nice place to ride bikes when it rains, as well as set up their grocery store/puppet theatre, which until now has been in storage since it was too big to be in the house. Welllllllll.... Hubby and I also had our own model trains set up, in the garage on a roughly 10x3 table that raised to the roof when not in use. Since the model trains got packed off to the storage unit, it left the table empty.
Hubby and I decided that the kids could take all of their motorized Thomas the tank engine toys out of storage (I only wanted on set of trains in the house at a time and they chose the die cast ones) and we could let them use the table as a big train table.

FP and Hubby spent the evening cleaning off the table and setting up various track designs.

It's the perfect height for little bodies now.

And while we will just leave it down most of the time, Hubby even put in a nice hand lever for me to be able to easily raise it back up to the roof with, so that when we want it up or people are coming to look at the house, I don't have to heft this hundred pound thing by myself... the boys can even take turns cranking it up.

On a completely unrelated note... here are a few funny things that have fallen out of my children's mouths in the last few days.

Upon getting ready for bed last night, Hubby and I hear this being shrieked out of the bathroom.

FP: No, Sheepie, No!! NOT FAIR!!!!

Us: what's wrong?

FP: I wanted to pee pee in Sheepies Pee!!!! He flushed and wasted water.

Yeah, maybe we've been driving home the whole conservation thing a bit too much.

This morning on the way to bagel day with the cousins.

FP: Can I have a chocolate milk.

Me: Yes.

Sheepie: I am going to get a kid sized iced tea because I am the kid, who is a Mister, who likes iced tea.

Okay.... glad to hear it. Nice to see I'm teaching my kids such healthy drinking habits. (Although we do drink herbal teas, in case you are wondering.)

Now, off to clean out the inside of my car, because it smelt like something died in there when we opened it this morning.... Enjoy your day!

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