Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cross your fingers

Everyone say a little prayer for us.

We have our first showing in almost three weeks this evening.

I have to say that I feel thankful for small blessings. While we've had a pausing in people calling, I will admit I've kind of let my constant house keeping go a bit. The house was still where I could have easily cleaned it up if people called, but it wasn't 'ready' to be shown.

Yesterday, and today, I decided to do a deep clean of the house -scrub the walls, bleach the bathtub toys, clean cabinet fronts-- stuff like that. Well, no sooner than I finish the last job on my list, the phone rings and someone wants to come see our house tonight.

So please, keep your fingers crossed and think good thoughts!


Betts Family said...

Great cleaning timing! Good luck!

Aubri said...

YAY! Keep us posted!