Monday, June 29, 2009

Dr. Teeth

Today we all went for our twice a year dental check ups.... Every one's teeth were cavity free, which is the way I like it to be.

What I always laugh at though, is that my children love to come home and for weeks afterwards, play dentist. Not just play dentist.... they are Dr. Wood. See, Dr. Wood is cool on many levels around our house. Not only does he keep the kids teeth clean, he is the husband of Sister Wood. Sister Wood has a 'cool big house with the green table' (a pool table), and always has a treat for them when they visit. Dr. Wood is also cool because he is the dad to one, Ali Wood. Ali is FP's girl friend and he is more than convinced that one day he is going to grow up and marry this sweet, beautiful girl who is only a mere 13 years older than him. So you can see why, around my house, when I announce it's time to go to the dentist, everyone is happy.

When we got home today, the kids quickly donned their 'dentist' stuff and gave me a very thorough check up... and all I can say, after having been stabbed about 12 times in the Uvula, by a 4 year old is this: Thank you, to the good Dr. Wood, for actually going to dental school.... My teeth thank you too!


Danna said...

I love it.. "Dr. Teeth" I miss the woods family. It seems like all your boys have picked good wifes.. Ali & Brydgette..Cute.

Allanna said...

So, FP thinks of himself as Anakin and Ali as Padme??
(And, yet again, I've proved my dorkitude.)

I would say that maybe it would work out as well for these two ... but Padme and Anakin just DIDN'T work out that well.

And you're a stronger woman than I. I don't think I'd be brave enough to be stabbed even a second time in the uvula.