Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Sheepie!

We have been gone at Hubby's family reunion this week, so I am a bit late in posting this but.....


Sheepie turned four on the 26th; I can't believe how quickly he has grown. One of the first things he said to me, when we woke up Friday morning was, "How close am I to being five now?" Slow down there, kiddo!

We had a great day... played at the beach a bit, played at a park, then we hung out and watched movies and played in the hot tub thingy in Nana and Papa's hotel room. For dinner we ate with everyone from the reunion at a great place called Moe's and then went back to the hotel where most people were staying to play some family trivia games. Between that and the trip to the cheese factory the day before, he had a great birthday.

He is now counting the days until his party, so that he can have a 'real Wall*E cake' and hang out with his friends.

Newborn Sheepie

First Birthday, pre-haircut

Second Birthday, Being turned into a Nemo Fish

Big Three Year old

Four years old, already

And then, just because it's such a cute picture ( came across it looking for the others!) here is Sheepie in his favourite dress up out fit the day we bought it. Don't you just love how adoreable he is!

Happy Birthday son. I have so loved getting to be your mother for the last four years... Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you!

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Heather said...

what?! After all that cold whipping wind at the beach (requiring me to stop for warm drinks at Starbucks) L & B had a hot tub thingy at their hotel and didn't tell the rest of us cold wind blown family?!