Monday, June 1, 2009

The Saga of the Mouse Continues

Oh, ho, ho, my friends... the battle is on. I am afraid to say Mr. Mouse is not gone yet-- okay, maybe he is NOW, but he wasn't before the incident described below. If you think being kind to mice and letting them go is the right thing to do.... just ignore that thought and pound them where you see them.

Now, I knew that our mouse friend also liked to hang out behind the washing machine and dryer... late at night I've heard it scratching and finally braved to look over the back. It was there. However, after my last encounter with this thing, I am starting to loose my patience. I did after all, set mouse traps, and carry it right up next to a high way. Why isn't' it gone yet? Today was the last straw. As I sat reading a blog or two while dinner cooked, I heard the scratching behind the washer and dryer. Had I been able to reach it, I'd have just smashed it right there.... sadly, I don't have arms that long. I do have, however,

A fire extinguisher!

Yup... in my mind this seemed the best answer to getting rid of him. After all if I actually managed to hit him with it, it would surely kill him. If not, breathing in all the chemicals should take care of the trick, right? Well, I don't know yet, I'll get back to you. He was hiding, so I had to opt for the latter.

Let me just give you a word of caution though, when using a fire extinguisher to kill rodents in your house..... they don't exactly stay contained to where you imagine they should. I knew that it would puff a big cloud of chemicals upward as I sprayed... but I didn't really expect this.

Now if you can't tell what is wrong here. My floor is tile, notice how there are no real tile lines... that's because it sprayed under the washer and dryer and covered half the kitchen floor. Additionally there was a thick smokey haze that filled the room and spilled into the dining room. I was unable to go in there for twenty minutes, even with all the windows and the back door open.

So, Mr. Mouse, now that I've scrubbed my floors, and wiped down every exposed thing in my kitchen, I throw down the gauntlet. If you're not dead.... it's war. You are leaving my house one way or another... and from here on out, I will make the fire extinguisher look like a walk in the park.


Nay said...

Katie, sweetheart, where is you husband? Why are you, what 7 months, preggo hunting mice? I'm not nearly as brave as you!! I hope you got the sucker!

Kate the Great said...

Oh he is here, and will be moving the washer and dryer tonight to see if I did, in fact, kill the mouse.

He is just not nearly as bothered by the mouse being here as I am.

Nay said...

Thats good. My husband would be standing near, laughing his head off :-)


thanks for the laugh

Megan Zimmerman said...

now, you do know that since you actually sprayed your fire extinguisher, you need to go get it serviced, right? K, just checking!

Kate the Great said...

It was actually the kind you just toss after using... but thanks!