Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Hodge Podge

Nothing too, too exciting happened yesterday. I got errands run, and the kids cleaned up their room. By the time they had come home from school and done so, it was plain as plain that they were both rather tired. In an attempt to keep the peace, I told them both it was nap time. Normally, this just means they crawl into their beds and end up talking and squabbling from there. Ten minutes later though, this is what I found.

I have always thought that Frog Prince was so beautiful. Many kids, like Sheepie (and he is REALLY) are cute... but look at how classically beautiful FPs features are. I'd break someones arm for his eye shape and lashes.

I love that Sheepie will actually tuck himself in for naps... It was muggy and terribly humid yesterday, but he would not sleep with Blue Blankie off of him.

The naps worked well and by the time everyone woke up Hubby was home and people were happy. I made a new recipe for red beans and rice last night and it was wonderful. You can find it here. It was very fast and the entire family, including Boy ate it right up. I did double the recipe though, because there was no way 1 cp of rice was going to feed my entire brood. I also left out the chili sauce and found that it was just the right spice level for little mouths (although mine can handle pretty spicy stuff).

This is the half way point of Boys first attempt to self feeding, when eating solid foods... Not too bad, but by the time we were done his bowl had been emptied everywhere...

Last in our nights adventures was Boy's first hair cut. It was nothing major, but as you can see from the picture below he's been having his hair attack his eyes for a while now. There was also a lot of curls in the back, which I am sad to see go, but they were always getting caught on the neck of his shirts. It was time for a trim.



No, it's not the best hair cut ever and it's actually straighter than it looks, but he's the oldest my kids have ever been when getting his first hair cut and man was he squirmy.

I also set a new kind of trap for the mouse last night and this morning it says that it caught it. It's a no see, no touch trap (safer for little explorers) so I just have to trust that it worked, but when I shook the trap around I could feel a little shifting. So here's hoping.

Now, it's off to pack my kids lunches and send them off to their second to the last day of school!

The spelling of the typos in this post have been edited just for my father in law, who loves more than anything, I'm sure, to find ways to tease me each day. :P


Bob C said...

Sifting mice?? Do they make a good flour?

Kristi Barnes said...

I love it when they conk out like that! They always look extra peaceful when they are sleeping

Kate the Great said...

You really think you're funny Dad, don't you? :P

Maybe the real reason you don't blog anymore is because then I could make fun of your typos.

And yes, Kristi, I totally agree.