Monday, June 1, 2009

A Master in the Kitchen

It is no secret that I like to cook. I love trying new things and I am very grateful for a family that is willing to eat the many new and crazy recipes I find. What makes me even more happy is that I have children who love to be in the kitchen as well.

Sunday dinners are always something I love because I tend to use it as my night to try the latest and newest of my culinary adventures. However, it is not generally when I want my kids around, since I have to focus on learning a new recipe. This seemed kind of backwards to me, since Sunday is family centered around our house.

The solution. Home made ravioli.

Home made ravioli is nothing new to me, I've made it many times; I've even taught the Laurels in my ward how to make it for their, Tofu Appreciation Night (that's another story for another day). I have never made it with my children though. Thinking it would be a fun way to involve them and have a nicer dinner, we set out to make home made ravioli for dinner last night. Sadly, FP lost the pleasure of joining us due to some naughty behaviour, but Sheepie had a blast and was very proud of his work.

First we made the filling. I opted for a very simple
ricottta and spinach, to make it easy to fill.

Then we rolled out the dough.
A pasta roller is a must for every family!

And after assembly, and a quickl boil we have
the finished work!

One proud, master chief!

The sauce was not my favourite (I forgot to make a good one, so I basically threw some herbs into thinned tomato paste), but the raviolis were quite nice. I ended up doing a light butter melted over mine with a touch of salt and pepper. It was great. A fun evening activity that ends with a nice family dinner.

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